Thursday, 1 August 2013

Kicking my flats at the Cinemas...

I went and saw Wolverine last night......

To start with I was excited to actually get go to the cinemas to see it, usually my friends have kids and don't go to the cinemas or they are more interested in chick flicks or drama/indie films. Now don't get me wrong I like Drama's and Indie films as well but I also love a good action film.

So anyway the film was good. Not quite a "that was freakin' amazing"...but it was good. 

I won't go into the storyline. There is way to much to explore there! As I do with most films of that kind I turn my brain off from the social contexts, the male and female roles and I don't look at the portrayal of relationships, I try to just enjoy the fun absurdity of these films. 

I do however always notice other elements......
Solid cast. Some fantastic shots. The blocking was very well done for the most part. Some of the shots where a little clunky,I felt the car scenes that had a lot of dialogue could have been a lot smoother. 
 There were a few stand out scenes for me though..... I'll try and keep spoilers out of this part but sorry if I don't succeed. 

1. The first scene with the plane was beautifully done. 
2. Loved all the scenes with the Grizzly Bear, even if as a viewer I didn't love the what happened :( 
3. The sword through the chest scene.... and that is all I'll say..... 
4. The bullet train fight. It was just so wonderfully comic book and I loved the concept and the way it was carried out. 

So they were my stand out scenes. I would recommend seeing it. See if you agree with me on the stand out scenes. Maybe there are some others that stand out more? 

a small side note: A friend I saw it with noticed that a company name used in the film is the same company name used in Studio 60... see if you can pick it. 

I did see some great looking previews as well, have a few films on my list to see now. I had been finding a decline in the quality of films lately but this restored my hope in going to the cinemas again. 

A few I'll be trying to see and possibly review soon: 

Now you see me


Will try and update again on the weekend with some pics of the makeover I'm undertaking on my house.  

Sim. xx

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