Monday, 15 July 2013

Slowly getting the kick back

After being sick for a week, and I mean unable to get out of bed at all kind of sick, I'm finally back at work and the LONG list of tasks that come with being off sick for a week. But everything is possible when you have music to keep from going insane... or at least more insane in my case ;)

Today's sanity is from the Gavin DeGraw station on Spotify. Such a great mellow, calming and inspirational station.

So from the uplifting nature that this station has been to me today this week's Manic Monday Fix is a Gavin DeGraw song. It always amazes me just how powerful music can be. In both a possitive and a negative way. Choose songs that uplift and inspire and just watch how great your day can get. 

Manic Monday Fix: 

 Gavin DeGraw - Belief

Now to get back to listening to a great station that will be the soundtrack to my day today while I get back to the craziness of work.

Sim. xx

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