Monday, 15 July 2013

Slowly getting the kick back

After being sick for a week, and I mean unable to get out of bed at all kind of sick, I'm finally back at work and the LONG list of tasks that come with being off sick for a week. But everything is possible when you have music to keep from going insane... or at least more insane in my case ;)

Today's sanity is from the Gavin DeGraw station on Spotify. Such a great mellow, calming and inspirational station.

So from the uplifting nature that this station has been to me today this week's Manic Monday Fix is a Gavin DeGraw song. It always amazes me just how powerful music can be. In both a possitive and a negative way. Choose songs that uplift and inspire and just watch how great your day can get. 

Manic Monday Fix: 

 Gavin DeGraw - Belief

Now to get back to listening to a great station that will be the soundtrack to my day today while I get back to the craziness of work.

Sim. xx

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Weekend adventures

I have had a crazy week at work with no time to even eat properly let alone blog but the weekend is finally here and so I hope to be able to post a little more. And here's to a more productive week blog wise next week. 

So this weekend I'm at ikea the wonderful place in the  middle of my place and my mums primarily to get candles and catch up with my mama. 
It may not sound like an exciting outing but the creativity that I get when in ikea is exciting to me. It's a place where I can see so much potential..... A drawer can be revamped into so many things. Today I'm after a dresser of some form that I can turn into my singlet, tops, socks etc home and still keep my NYC loft feel in my room. 
I'm looking forward to working our my creative side to create a one of a kind look from the basic simple pieces I'll find here. 
I'll keep you all posted with pics as the process continues  

Sim xx

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