Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Kicking my heeled boots to some Tuesday's Tunes...

Have been listening to the 'Wakey! Wakey!' station on Spotify while working lately and it has been fantastic. Love 'Wakey! Wakey!' but the station also has a great mix of smooth mellow pieces mixed with some gravely voices and plenty of great piano :) The best part is finding some more artists I'm loving and rediscovering some I had not listened to in a while.

Just this afternoon I rediscovered how much I love 'Ron Pope' and found a band called 'Glass Pear'. Not only do they have a fantastic name they are fantastic..... I'm a bit of a fan of the unusual and randomish names for things. But then I name everything..... even my wii remotes have names! And always been a fan of 'Tyler Hilton' but his latest album is just something else :)

But the band I wanted to really highlight today is a local band from Perth Australia called 'Village Kid'. They are wonderfully talented musicians who have a great sound. My favourite song is 'Heart of Stone', the lyrics just make my heart want to break and yet at the same time  the song makes me feel uplifted and want to dance! Check it out below and if you like it get on their page and start asking for some more music. Its been too long since they have released anything new.

If you love it as much as I do head to their facebook page :) 

Village Kid

Enjoy some tunes this Tuesday. 

Sim. xxx

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